FPGA design is a core competency required to realize products for applications in the high technology industry segments we operate in. The flexibility of design afforded by FPGAs allowing for long-term evolution of product functionality, their cost efficiency as compared to ASICs for low volume applications and the high-performance reliability of these chips have enabled our engineers to deliver the most optimal solutions to our customers.

Our team has gained expertise working in various contexts and applications, and leverage the learning from multiple projects to adapt the solution for each customer. The team has also developed IP modules that have been customized and used in multiple projects.


  • After an R&D project to develop an ETHERNET FPGA IP, a customer looking for a similar interface for their project brought our IP and ask us to customize it for the project, instead of developing it a new. In doing so it reduced the schedule, risk and budget impact for the project as a whole.


  • For a customer that wanted to drastically reduce the volume and weight of a very efficient angle sensor for an automotive application, we proposed an integrated FPGA solution that allowed him to achieve this goal while also delivering a cost saving.


  • For a medical device that was in 3 parts, acquisition, treatment and visualization; by using the most innovating FPGA technology, we implemented for our customer, a new architecture with only 2 devices, not clear.


  • For our customer that needed to redesign several logic boards developed in the 80’s, we helped our customer not only to redesign the logic with FPGA, but also introduced a new methodology to enhance the performance of the equipment.

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